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작성일 : 2015-10-06
작성자 : 관리자 파일 : 19_0.jpg
조회 : 444

Min Song (b. 1982) lives and works in Chicago. Her work has recently been exhibited at Michael Jon, Miami, FL; Happy Collaborationists, Chicago, IL

For Tromp L'oeil Depression, Song presents five new works each comprised of a box structure that sits on top of a large photographic decal adhered to the floor. The sides of the boxes have been surfaced in linoleum tiles and feature colorful, hand-cut inlays that portray reductive pictorial scenes of leisure and travel. Repeating shapes and hues create rhythmic configurations while the imagery of a distant horizon, dense foliage, and linear architecture allude to time spent wandering.

The floor decals are abstract digital composites of material textures super-imposed with photographs. Source imagery, studio documentation, and a snapshot taken on a trip point towards different aspects of Song's artistic production and emphasize the overlap between studio practice and personal life.

Conflating the presence and physicality of the boxes with the mobility and consumability of the pictures on the decals Song expands on the paradoxical relationship between object and image and further complicates their definitions when combined into a single form.
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