Dan Flavin

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작성자 관리자 작성일2016-11-29 조회152회

untitled (to Piet Mondrian through his preferred colors, red, yellow and blue), 1986

Pink, yellow, blue, red, and daylight fluorescent light

80 modular units, each comprised of 2 ft. (61 cm) vertical fixtures adjacent to 16 in. (40 cm) circular fixtures; and four sections, running along the top of each wall: two sections, 36 ft. (1097.3 cm) wide; two sections, 60 ft. (1828.8 cm) wide

untitled (to Piet Mondrian who lacked green) 2, 1986

Green fluorescent light

four sections around the perimeter of the skylight: two sections, 24 ft. (731.5 cm) wide; two sections, 52 ft. (1585 cm) wide

Photos courtesy of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
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